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My Adsoft is the  Full Stack Ad Platform

What is My Adsoft ?

Full Stack Ad Platform

We provide you a complete advertising platform ready to use, with all required components to launch your advertising agency or managed your current business. Fully customizable, you can link your front professional website, add your domain name, logo...

Ad Server Software

A powerful Ad Server Software is included in the package, that allow you to buy and sell inventory in RTB with others Ad Networks or in a classic way between your advertisers & your publishers with multiples Ad Formats, targeting criteria & price models.

Web app with Manager, DSP, SSP

You can manage your advertisers and your publishers in a dedicated administration and give them access to a Demand Side Platform for buying inventory and / or a Supply Side Platform for selling inventory.


Check out the set of elements provided by My Adsoft, we collected all required tools for a digital ad network in one package.
All spécifications below are included in all plans.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Because dedicated servers are powerful and cheapest than cloud, we manage robust dedicated servers for you.

Managed Database

We are using Big Data to provide you most powerful and fastest database to help you achieve the best performance.

Reports System

Global, detailed & live reports with multiples filters will allow you to analyse & optimize performances of ads & website.

Pricing Models

My Adsoft suppport multiples pricing models like CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, with fixed or revshare price for advertiser sales or publisher revenue.

Tracking Features

Platform include an complete S2S tracking system that allow sending and receiving of a big number a data, between advertisers & publishers, by macros.

In App Support

A support system is available in app to keep in touch with your advertisers & publishers through a ticket / message system.

Pricing Plans



  • Traffic
    Ad Requests  
  • Reports & Tracking
  • DSP for Advertisers
  • SSP for Publishers
  • Dedicated Domain
  • Custom Domains
  • Support


$99 /month

  • 50.000 /day
    ~1.500.000 /month
  • Basic

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$299 /month

  • 250.000 /day
    ~7.500.000 /month
  • 1
  • Basic

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$599 /month

  • 1.000.000 /day
    ~30.000.000 /month
  • 5
  • Premium

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$1499 /month

  • 10.000.000 /day
    ~300.000.000 /month
  • Unlimited
  • Premium

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Need more ?

    $20.00 /year
    $200.00 /year
    $100.00 /one time
    $500.00 /one time

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You can contact us any way that is convenient for you, we are available 24/7 via skype or email. You can also use the quick contact form below. Email us with any questions, we would be happy to answer your questions. contact[at]myadsoft.com

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